Nazarbayev University Nazarbayev University


  1.  UR 10, KUKA, Franka Emica robot arms
  2.  Weiss, Optoforce industrial force sensors
  3.   Shadow Robot, Allegro, AR 10 robot hands
  4. Form2, UP! and Ultimaker printers
  5. Keysight Oscilloscopes and Power supplies
  6. Vacuum chamber for silicone molding
  7. Voice coil motors, Dynamixel  servo motors and linear actuators
  8. PCB plotter LPKF
  9. Microsoft Hololens augmented reality kit
  10. Virtual Reality kit
  11. Depth, event-based cameras
  12. Weiss, PPS, XELA Robotics, Takktstrip tactile sensor
  13. NVIDIA 2080 cards and NVIDIA DGX™